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sydney on acid

Australia is the secret collaborative title of 2 of Sydney’s finest production teams. You probably know who they are without knowing who they are… if that makes any sense. We certainly know who some of them are, they regularly grace the controls at MOTORIK! and if you’ve been to one of our parties, i’m sure you’ll be able to guess who they are, simply from their big ol’ acidic vibe. They make powerful, mind warping techno that hits damn hard.

Anyway, the first fruits of their unholy union is out now on Twin Turbo. In case you didn’t already know, Twin Turbo is Tiga’s new label and the more cutting edge sub label of the already hugely influential Turbo. Looking forward to more from Australia and Twin Turbo in the future. rave on. 

Experience half of Australia at MTK!004 on Sep23 at a new secret location. email for details.

BUY the release here

Twin Turbo 002 - Australia by Turbo Recordings